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Lumino Dental Bus

Lumino the Dentist MOBILE BUS will be onsite at Green Bay High School in Term 2, taking care of our students' pearly whites!
The 'School Smiles Programme' is fully funded by the Ministry of Health. It offers free dental examinations, oral health education, x-rays and a professional dental clean for students in Year 9 to Year 13 (up until their 18th birthday). Treatment including white fillings, sealants and extractions of baby teeth are also provided on the school grounds as required. For other treatment not completed on board the unit, students will be referred to a local practice or orthodontic specialist.

Is YOUR CHILD enrolled with Lumino The Dentist? If you would like your child to be seen during the on-site visit to Green Bay High School, please complete the online enrolment form - CLICK HERE. Please note: If your child has been seen by Lumino The Dentist at Green Bay High School in the past, please be sure to also complete this online enrolment form, this is to ensure Lumino The Dentist has up to date contact/medical information for your child. All patients and their parents/caregivers will receive an alert of upcoming appointments via text message.

Please call or text Lumino The Dentist on 027 222 8521 if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. The link for enrolment doesn’t work – Please copy and paste this link into your search engine:
  2. If I enrolled my child previously, do I need to enrol again? – Yes, this is to ensure Lumino Dentist has consent to see your child each year, and all their/your contact details and their medical history is up to date. Please fill in the enrolment form every year.
  3. What is an NHI number? – An NHI number is your child’s “National Health Identification number” if you do not know it, your GP doctor can provide this for you. Unfortunately, children who do not have an NHI number will not be seen.
  4. If my child was seen at Primary/Intermediate School, do I need to enrol? – Yes, Primary/intermediate School Dental Service and High School Dental Service are two different providers.
  5. If my child is currently seeing an orthodontist, can they be seen at school for their free dental check-up? – Yes, if your orthodontist does not check your child’s teeth and do cleaning for free, Lumino Dentists can see them at school for an annual dental check-up.
  6. My child currently visits another dental practice, can they be seen again at school? – No, children under 18 can only have 1 free dental check-up per year. However, if you are paying for your child’s other dental check-up, then we can see them at school for free.
  7. Do I need to book an appointment? – No, you will receive a text message with your child’s appointment time 3 days day before the appointment. Lumino Dentists will also send out a 'runner' to get your child from class if they forget to come at the allocated time.
  8. What can I expect on my child’s visit to the dentists at school? – Students will be asked to fill in a Covid-19 questionnaire form. Your child’s temperature will be taken using a laser thermometer. A highly qualified Lumino Dentist clinician will take x-rays, check teeth, and do a clean/scale and polish. If further treatment is required, your child will be asked to come back for a second appointment.
  9. What happens if my child requires further treatment? – If a patient needs fillings, extractions, or fissure sealants, Lumino Dentists will send a card home with them to be signed by a parent/caregiver, before completing this treatment on the Mobile Unit at School. Any treatments will not be performed without consent from a parent/guardian.
  10. What happens if my child is referred to an orthodontist? – Unfortunately, orthodontic treatment is not funded by the Ministry of Health and this will need to be paid for privately at an orthodontist of your choice, please let Lumino Dentists know if you would like a recommendation.

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