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Extra Curricular

There are a wide range of extra curricular activities available to students at Green Bay High School. We recognise that opportunities to engage with these are important in supporting the development of a wide range of social and emotional skills for our students, as well as many of the key competencies in the New Zealand curriculum. In addition to students taking part in that which is offered by the school, students are encouraged to initiate activities if they feel there is a need that has not been met.

Student Groups and Opportunities

Student groups play an important role at Green Bay High School. They provide an opportunity for students to develop their own leadership capabilities, and allow a space for students to connect with peers, staff and the wider community. They offer a platform for student driven initiatives that ultimately support the Well Being of all members of the school community. If a student wishes to begin something new, there is a process that supports them to do so. Please contact Deputy Principal Elaine Webb for more information.

  • Acapella - To support students to be able to perform in front of an audience. Contact Teacher in Charge: Stewart Allan
  • Book Club - For students who love reading and want to talk about books. Held in the Library during Friday Lunchtimes. Contact our School Librarian: Jenny Wrigley
  • Calculus Scholarship - To support students to gain Calculus Scholarship and L3 Excellence. Held in F10 during Wednesday afternoons (1.30pm - 4.30pm). Contact Teacher in Charge: Vikash Ghoorah
  • Chamber Music - To support students to be able to perform in front of an audience. Contact Teacher in Charge: Stewart Allan
  • Chess Club - Learn to play chess. Play competitively, socially or for fun. Held in the Library after school on Tuesdays (3.30pm - 4.30pm) and also during inteval and lunchtimes every day. Contact Teacher in Charge: Lola Le Grange
  • Debating Club - Improve debating skills. Hel din E3 during Truesay lunchtimes. Contact Teacher/s in Charge: Debbie Keymer, Sylvie Howell
  • Duke of Edinburgh - This Award is a personal challenge, it pushes young people to their personal limits and recognises their achievements. Contact Teacher in Charge: Michelle Finch
  • ESOL Academic Support - To provide ESOL students with 1-1 or small group literacy support in any subject they are finding challenging. Contact Teacher in Charge: Carla Seth
  • EPRO8 Engineering - Inter-school Engineering Challenge. Developing teamwork and engineering skills to compete in the EPRO8 competition. Held in D2 on Wednesday lunchtimes. Contact Teacher in Charge: Andrew Parkin
  • E Sports Club - Contact Teacher in Charge: Jose Torres
  • Form Class Representative - A leadership opportunity for one person in each form class. To run 'Feedback Friday' in your form class. This will link with your alined student council member so all student voice is heard. Contact Teacher in Charge: Elaine Webb
  • Fitness Club - A space to allow students to participate in fitness training. Held on Tursday mornings, before the start of school. Contact Sports Director Hamish Mackay
  • Games Club - To support students with a place to hang out at lunchtime and socialis, while building social skills and encourage friendships. Held in B5 at lunchtime on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday lunchtimes. Contact Teacher in charge Kim Vaigalu
  • Green Impact - Help to spread awareness of the importance of the environment not only in our school but also our community, and globally. Make changes in the school to make it more environmentally friendly. Contact Fiona Drummond
  • House Leaders - Two Yr12 and Yr13 leaders per house to develop house spirit, increase student participation in school events and develop pride in the school. Plan and run house events. Contact Teacher in Charge: Elaine Webb
  • Jazz Club - To support students to be able to perform in front of an audience. Contact Teacher in Charge: Stewart Allan
  • Kapa Haka - To celebrate māori culture, identity and inclusion through Kapa Haka. Kapa Haka at Powhiri. Performance at year level awards ceremonies and other significant school events. Contact whaea: Leanne Castle
  • Kapa Hauora - (Yr 12 and Yr 13 students). To promote/support mental and sexual health via ongoing events throughout the year and during awareness campaigns. Contact Youth Worker Melissa Bridle
  • Languages Study Club - (Yr 12 and Yr 13 students). To offer a safe and nurturing environment where language students (Te Reo Māori, Japanese, Spanish, German) can strengthen their understanding of classwork, complete homework, and prepare and study for assessment tasks and exams. Contact Head of Department, Languages: [Nicole Polke](mailto: [email protected])
  • LEO Alumni - A group for students who participated in the LEO class in Years 9 or 10. Termly catch-up to maintain relationships that were developed during the course. Past LEO students from year 11 and above. Contact Teacher/s in Charge: Sylvie Howell, Sofia Enholmerl
  • Maths Club -To promote extension in Maths and problem solving skills among Year 9 students. Accelerated pathway in the Maths department. Held in F10 on Tuesday mornings (7.30am - 8.30am). Contact Teacher in Charge: Vikash Ghoorah
  • Maths Clinics - To provide students with additional help with any aspect of Mathematics learning. Most Maths teachers are rostered on during the week. Held in F1 on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (3.30pm - 4.30pm). Contact Teacher in Charge: Vikash Ghoorah
  • Maths Extension (Yr 12 students) - To promote a bridging extension for L2 Calculus students into L3MCX the following year. To support a smooth transition in scholarship work the following year. Held in F10 Thursday mornings (8.00am - 9.20am). Contact Teacher in Charge: Vikash Ghoorah
  • Maths Olympiad - To represent GBHS in Auckland wide Maths competition. Contact Teacher in Charge: Vikash Ghoorah
  • Model United Nations - (Selected senior students: 6 students per year). For students to partake in an Auckland wide model UN, representing an assigned nation and debating remits. Contact Teacher in Charge: Jake McGregor
  • Mural Club - For students interested in large scale art projects around the school. Contact Teacher in Charge: Rogan James
  • Paying it Forward / Student Volunteer Army - Students take on a variety of volunteer work in the school and wider community while working towards VSA Volunteer Award. Contact Teacher in Charge: Elaine Webb
  • PB4L (Positive Behaviour For Learning) - Selected students with interview process. To support and promote positive behaviour for learning Encourage students to display the school values. Running PB4L Shop. Fundraising ideas to support PB4L shop. Peer GBT initiative. Shop Open (situated behind L6) onThursday mornings and Friday lunchtimes. Meetings held every Tuesday lunchtimes. Contact Teacher in Charge: Sandy Begg
  • Polypride - To celebrate and connect with Pacific peoples’ culture. Pacific hub, language weeks, cultural dance / music and arts / Pacific language weeks. Meetings held in Mana Tangata during lunchtime on Wednesdays, and in D4 period 5 for seniors. Contact Teacher/s in Charge: Elaine Webb Seán Finan
  • Peace Group - Are you thinking about and would like to discuss global issues? Support actions and campaigns that improve the lives of people around the world. Peace week, 40 hour famine, Amnesty International and other initiatives / good causes. Meetings held in L3 at Lunchtime on Fridays. Contact Teacher in Charge: Nicole Polke
  • Peer Tutors - Provide targeted academic support & tuition for all students who request. Short or long term tuition of students in subject area of strength. Senior Students: Express your interest to be a tutor via the Student Hub under the ‘Support’ Tab. Alternatively, you can communicate directly with student leaders or with Mrs Webb
  • SAGA - This is a group open to all LGBTQ+ students (Queer and gender diverse) and questioning. If you'd like to make friends, ask questions, get advice, eat your lunch and chill. Held in F5 on Tuesday lunchtimes. Contact Teacher in Charge: Matt Ellison
  • Shakespeare Club - To foster engagement with Shakespeare. Create a performance for the Sheila Winn Shakespeare Festival. Contact Teacher in Charge: Teresa Callaghan
  • Social Sports - Encouraging students to participate in fun sporting activities. Various sports on offer, build new friendships. Held in the gym at lunchtimes on Tuesday and Friday.
  • Social Sciences Homework Centre - To support Senior Social Science students in completing assessments. Held in the Library on Thursday afternoons. Contact Teacher/s in Charge Hannah Hopkins, Jake McGregor
  • Spanish Debating Teams - Senior Spanish students debating in Spanish. To extend students to a high level of Spanish to prepare them for the National Spanish Debating. Held every Wednesday (1:30pm - 3.00pm). Contact Teacher in Charge: Jose Torres
  • Student Coaches & Managers - Students taking a leadership role in sports through the coaching or management of teams at Green Bay High School. Sports coaching. Contact Sports Director: Hamish Mackay
  • Student Council - To represent students in each year level and act as a student voice to the Board of Trustees, and visa-versa. To support school initiatives. Regular council meetings. Promotion of events. Develop a sense of pride within the school. All welcome to apply (four students selected per year level). Contact Teacher in Charge: Elaine Webb
  • Student Librarians - Supporting staff to provide an excellent library service. Support the smooth running of library services. Contact Librarian: Jenny Wrigley
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Extra Curricular Groups and Clubs

Student Groups @ GBHS. Click images below to contact the teacher In charge for more information. All welcome!

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