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Year 9 Awards


Year 9 honours

Year 9 Awards

Friday, 9th December 2022 at 11:40am

Today is the last day for our Junior students, and we feel so very proud of their achievements throughout the year. Congratulations to the following Year 9 Award recipients:

Academic Top in Subject:


Lily Lei: English, Health, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Isaiah Liki: Physical Education
Marina Mangnimit: Visual Arts


Gayle Bain: Social Studies
Tyrece Clarke: Physical Education
Ollie Spinley: English, Health, Mathematics, Science
Hunter Syddall: Physical Education


Keira Davison: Social Studies
Benji Godsmark: Leadership in Action
Samantha Keleti: Health
Jessica Layton: Drama, Fashion and Design, Physical Education
Nanda Nair: English, Mathematics, Science


Emma Cooper: English, Mathematics, Science
Penelope Moore de Cerqueira: Spanish
Frances Pickup: Social Studies, Year 9 Numeracy
Travis Robertson: Physical Education


Jen Barbosa De Oliveira: Spanish
Leon Bird: Sports Studies
Brooke Eeles: Business Studies
Nate Gore: English
Zoe Lightowler: Business Studies, Learning Enrichment, Science, Social Studies
Fletcher Martin: Health, Physical Education, Sports Performance
Lucas West: Mathematics
Regina Wu: Japanese, Music


Arian Armstrong: Physical Education
Aaron Bray: Health
Alicia O'Brien: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Elliott Driver-Manning: Physical Education
Ashton Lees: Physical Education & Health
Stella Littlewood: Health, Media Studies
Alistair Peterson: Design and Visual Communication
Sophie Proctor: Science, Social Studies
Cushla van Beurden: English
Tom Waller: Mathematics
Tiger Wood-Weaver: Spanish, Visual Arts
Campbell Wood: Spanish


Azra Clarke: Mathematics
Hamish Coutts: Physical Education
Coco Laureijs: English, Health, Social Studies
Arnav Maharaj: Science
Ethan Winson: Science


Kyra Clark: Health, Science
Rowan Farrington: English, Social Studies, Te Reo Māori
Katelyn Loza: Mathematics
Nina van Kan: Te Reo Māori
Tao Yamasaki: Japanese, Product Design and Manufacturing


Olive Cochrane: Health
Saint Joseph: Physical Education & Health
Ava Rose Lee Sang: Music
Sophia Moore: Fashion and Design
Ezra Mould: Mathematics
Natsumi Sekizaki: Science
Sophie Van den Berg: Design and Visual Communication
Dayna Wells: English, Food and Nutrition, Social Studies


Elysse Boston-Martin: Physical Education
Phoebe Brown: Social Studies
Ramon Li: Mathematics
Elle Shaw: English, Health, Science


Ava Audino: Social Studies
Joe Irvin: Physical Education
Haelyn King: Japanese
Simone Liew: Forensics, Music
Korus MacDonald: English
Nika Plesnik: Dance, Health
Emelia Queenin: Leadership in Action, Product Design and Manufacturing, Science, Spanish
Deacon Roberts: Digital Technologies, Spanish
Sara Shawrikar: Mathematics
Harrison Trousdell: Forensics


Naeva Cannell: Health, Science
Jayden Dias: Visual Arts
Alyssa Fell: English
Daphne Lopesi: Sports Studies
Paul Rausch: German, Physical Education, Social Studies
Charlie Whitten: Mathematics


Ella McNaughton: Year 9 Literacy
Albie Palmer-Clarke: Physical Education
Keya Parekh: Forensics, Health
Kobe Peters: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Krisha Karippail: English, German, Health, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Young Writers
Cassidy Peters: Digital Technologies
Lily Roebeck: Drama, Physical Education


(P9FIN) Saint Joseph:Te Angitū Ngātahi Award
(P9TPK) Haelyn King: Kōtuitui Writers Challenge
(K9PAR) Isabel Tong: 09DIT Competition - 1st place Scrath and Python
(P9TPK) Korus MacDonald: 09DIT Competition - 1st Place Canva
(P9TPK) Max McGregor: 09DIT Competition - 1st Place Photoshop
(W9PTL) Penelope Logie: Christmas Card Competition


(A9NLN) Samantha Keleti: Creative Arts Honours
(A9NLN) Benji Godsmark: Service Honours
(P9FIN) Chantay Robinson: Sports Honours
(A9KEY) Luke Palmer: He Taonga Māori
(W9PTL) Bran Richards: Proxime Accessit
(W9PTL) Krisha Karippail: DUX Litterarum


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