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Year 10 Awards


Noah Saunders DUX 2022

Year 10 Awards

Friday, 9th December 2022 at 11:30am

Today is the last day for our Junior students, and we feel so very proud of their achievements throughout the year. Congratulations to the following Year 10 Award recipients:

Academic Top in Subject:


Layla Bacarella: Photography
Emma Burger: English
Jessica Finch: Physical Education
Naite Thompson: Health
Elizabeth Black: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Hannah Cormack Neto: Photography
Louie Cotter: Mathematics
Alexander Edmonds: Health, Physical Education
Angus Pennie: English, Science
Mia Tsukihara: Fashion and Design, Social Studies


Annika Aaron: Health
Alana MacDonald: Photography
Lyla Atkin: Science, Social Studies
Cameron Moffat: Leadership in Action, Mathematics, Physical Education & Health
Ella Sexton: Dance, English, Mathematics, Science Investigations


Jordan Hewlett: Physical Education
Annika Hogguer Mearns: Leadership in Action
Craig Williamson: Science
Jeffery Zhang: Mathematics
Maerin Farrington: English, Social Studies, Te Reo Māori


Junior Paeaia: Physical Education
Abijah Tevaga: Mathematics, Social Studies
Riaa Jasuja: English, Health, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Zak Russell: Mathematics
Colby Mascelle: Music, Physical Education
Isabella Haigh: English, Health, Science, Social Studies


Otis Allan: Mathematics
Dishitha Bhupathiraju: Science
Ryan Cunningham: Physical Education
Gabriel Turner: Social Studies
Mila Posa: English, Health


Charlie Callagher: Physical Education
Gemma Chapman: Science
Jasper Catton: English, Media Studies
Lily Edgerley: Health, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies


Oskar Fischer: Physical Education
Sahar Karimzad: English as a Second Language
Levi Pont: Social Studies
Jinan Aghueiri: Health, Te Reo Māori
Chase Sinclair: English, Mathematics, Science


Cayce Crabb: Physical Education & Health
Jacob King: Food and Nutrition
Ania Kleine Deters: Visual Art
Aaron Pickett: Spanish
Carter Ward: Mathematics
Olivia Woolford: Science Investigations
Saskia Shand: Health, Physical Education
Olivia Cormack Neto: Business Studies, Learning Enrichment, Social Studies
Milly Grieve: English, Japanese, Science


Isaac MacClure: Mathematics
Amaria Williams: Physical Education & Health
Erin Davies: English, Health, Science, Social Studies


Chloe Brown: Mathematics
Juno Grey: Physical Education & Health
Michael Jones: Social Studies
Fern Capes: English, Health, Science


Snigdha Datla: Digital Technologies
Emma Ducker: Design and Visual Communication
Isaac Gear: Sports Performance
Sam Korte: Mathematics
Caleb McIntyre: Sports Studies
Noah Saunders: Physical Education
Leon Schipper: Product Design and Manufacturing
Anita: Health
Abby Ballinger: Drama, Visual Art
Emily McGill: Business Studies, Design and Visual Communication
Izzy Wolfgramm: Business Studies, Drama
Haruka Shikai: English, Science, Social Studies


Sophie de Graaf: Spanish
Lizzy Ernst: German
Macy Fraser: Music
Charlotte Greaves: Visual Art
Areta Karsa: Spanish
Adi Shirlal: Mathematics
Arianna Stowers: Visual Art
Lauren Barrett-Hamilton: Leadership in Action, Physical Education
Alexis Heckler: Product Design and Manufacturing, Science
Hannah Rajkumar: Fashion and Design, Health, Social Studies
Naomi Rowllings: English, Photography, Young Writers


Braden Clemmett: Mathematics
Bailee Edwards Wakefield: Food and Nutrition
James MacDonald: Health
Danielle Rae: Food and Nutrition
Tasmin Roberts: Physical Education
Taylah Jones: English, Media Studies, Science


Nathan Dean: Mathematics, Physical Education, Science
Lili Finn: Business Studies, English, Health, Social Studies


(M10ORR) Olivia Cormack Neto: Te Angitū Ngātahi Award
(M10ORR) Milly Grieve: Kōtuitui Writers Challenge, Librarian Cup
(W10GND) Naomi Rowllings: Librarian Cup


(M10ORR) Ania Kleine Deters: Creative Arts Honours
(M10ORR) Carter Ward: Service Honours
(M10ORR) Lila Little: Service Honours
(P10MXL) Noah Saunders: Sports Honours
(P10DEZ) Jacob Kite: He Taonga Māori
(M10ORR) Milly Grieve: Proxime Accessit
(P10MXL) Noah Saunders: DUX Litterarum (seen pictured above with his very proud parents)


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