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Period Products

Thursday, 25th May 2023 at 11:40am

Information for parents and whanau.

Period products in schools: Ikura / Manaakitia te whare tangata aims to provide access to free period products for children and young people in all state and state-integrated schools and kura across New Zealand. Green Bay High School has opted into this scheme. The following information is from the Ministry of Education:

Periods are a normal part of life for half our population and no one should miss school because of their period. Young people can’t always access the products they need to feel comfortable at school and sometimes they may simply get caught unprepared. Whatever the reason, free period products for young people who need them means that they don’t have to miss school because of their period.

As parents and whānau, your young person’s education and wellbeing is important to you. Providing period products is part of supporting their wellbeing. Students can better focus on their learning and know they can get what they need, when they need it, to manage their cycle.

What products are available? Pads and tampons – regular and super – are being provided at school. These products are easy for students to use at school and will meet a range of different age, developmental, and cultural needs.

Schools and kura can order enough products for young people to use for their whole cycle, based on an average of 20 items per young person per month. There will be mix of brands.

How can students access product? Each school or kura will arrange an appropriate way for young people to collect period products based on what works best for them and the school eg it may be from the school office, a teacher, counsellor or other trusted adult.

Using these products is not compulsory. Young people are free to make their own choices about what they use and can continue to bring products from home if they prefer. If you are a parent or caregiver and have any questions or concerns about period products being available to any young person in your family or whānau, please contact Deptuy Principal/Student Services: Sandy Begg.


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