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Award Accolades

Thursday, 1st June 2023 at 11:37am

Mastering Maths to Improve Results.

Green Bay High School's Head of Mathematics, Amber Garrett, is setting high standards for success!

Amber is currently working on her Masters of Professional Studies in Mathematical Education. As part of her post graduate studies, Amber is interested in investigating assessment disparity, and achievement gaps found in gender groups and ethnicities.

Amber's investigative research arose from a Conference she attended in 2021, where she presented a workshop on 'SmarterMarks'. Green Bay High School implements 'SmarterMarks', an open-source website allowing teachers to create and mark online and paper assessments; and students to receive grades quickly, helping them to identify strengths or areas that need more work.

Amber's genius attributes are a combination of innate ability, hard work, and dedication. These are certainly paying off! Amber was recently awarded the following Scholarships and Awards from the University of Auckland:

  • Mathematics Education Technology Prize ($500) - in recognition of the student each year who has made the most significant contribution to the understanding of the use of technology in the teaching and/or learning of mathematics, awarded for her paper 'Dynamic Digital Learning Resources and The Theory of Register of Semiotic Representations'.
  • Judy Paterson Mathematics Education Scholarship ($3500) - awarded to support graduate level personal development for a teacher...currently teaching in the wider Auckland region based on GPA, teaching experience, and a statement of motivation to undertake Postgraduate study in Mathematics Education.
  • NZ EQUALS Award ($500) - awarded to New Zealand Mathematics Education Masters students from the remnants of an equity network fund developed 'to validate women's presence and voices in curriculum development and in the growth of professionalism in mathematics education in New Zealand'.
  • Certificate of Distinction - for excellent scholastic achievement in 'Teaching and Learning in Algebra', where Amber's final paper was 'Algebra through an ethnomathematical lens: exploring discrimination against Māori learners'.
  • First in Course Award - in MATHS 701 'Introduction to Research in Mathematics Education'.

Amber, you are indeed amazing!


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