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YR 9 Term 1 Prizegiving 2024

Exemplary Demonstration of School Values

Gabbie and Year 9 prizewinners

YR 9 Term 1 Prizegiving 2024

Friday, 12th April 2024 at 8:00am

Kia pou whirinaki tātou. Kia mahara anō ki te tara iti - To be reliable, consistent and dependable in our pursuit of excellence, and to always be reminded to nurture and care for the little things.

Congratulations to all students who received EXEMPLARY DEMONSTRATION OF SCHOOL VALUES at today's Term 1 Award Assemblies.


Avisa Asghari (W9DSZ) Mathematics
Eshaan Aujla (K9HKL) Science
Ben Avery (A9KHA) English, Forensics
Ruby Bagley (P9JLY) Mathematics
Ben Ball (K9URS) Food and Nutrition
Sofia Bell (K9WMS) Business Studies
Marcus Biddle (A9KHA) Health and Physical Education, Spanish
Oscar Bogusz (P9PVY) Health and Physical Education
Bea Boyd (P9JLY) Science
Alice Brickland (P9JLY) Social Studies
Thomas Brown (A9KHA) Mathematics
Harry Brown (M9MGN) Health and Physical Education
Kobe Cannell (A9KHA) Japanese
Lily Chao (A9KHA) German
Jacey Chung (W9PAS) Visual Arts, English, Social Studies
Sam Cole Burita (M9GRT) Science
Violet Connor (W9AMS) Science
Eliza Cook (K9WMS) Media Studies
Kyden Crabb (W9PAS) Digital Technologies
Mila Dailey (P9PVY) Product Design and Manufacturing
Ponzo Danko (A9KHA) Health and Physical Education
Tyrone Doran (A9ENH) Health and Physical Education
Emma Engelbrecht (M9MGN) Science
Bonnie Govier (A9KHA) German
Katrina Harlowe (A9ENH) Mathematics
Louis Hawkes (P9FNN) English
Leo Hayward (K9HKL) Mathematics, Social Studies
Mia Hu (W9AMS) Health and Physical Education
Mason Huffam (K9DVS) Health and Physical Education
Liam Kilpatrick (W9DSZ) Leadership in Action
Thomas King (K9WMS) Spanish
Henry Klimetz (P9PVY) English, Mathematics, Social Studies
Lucas Lodge (K9DVS) Mathematics
Noah Luki (W9AMS) Mathematics, Social Studies
Georgia Mackey (P9FNN) English
Jack Magee (M9GRT) Sports Studies
Grace Manuela (W9DSZ) Social Studies
Stella May (M9GRT) English
Leah Mayhew (M9MGN) Health and Physical Education
Saul Mercier (K9WMS) Social Studies
Ollie Muller (K9URS) Spanish
Florence Murphy (P9FNN) Science, Social Studies
Elly Oh (M9MGN) Japanese, Mathematics
Dhriti Patel (A9ENH) Health and Physical Education
Charlotte Poole (M9GRT) English
Flynn Povey (W9DSZ) English
Ryash Prasad (P9PVY) Japanese, Science
Indiah Riley-McLeod (K9URS) Mathematics
Luke Robinson (P9JLY) English
Sophie Rochford (P9PVY) Health and Physical Education
Jake Russell (P9JLY) Food and Nutrition
Dylan Santos (M9MGN) Social Studies
Sebastian Scott (K9URS) Mathematics, Science
Nandini Sharma (K9URS) Digital Technologies
Alice Simpson (W9DSZ) Japanese
Cameron Sims (P9JLY) Mathematics
Austin Soniga (M9GRT) Mathematics
Karamu Southon (M9GRT) Visual Arts
Josh Stubbing (M9KER) English
Josh Stubbing (M9KER) Health and Physical Education
Ava Turner (K9DVS) Science
Ryan Turner (W9PAS) Health and Physical Education
Susanna van Niekerk (W9DSZ) German
Julia Vicini (W9AMS) Food and Nutrition
Amy Woolford (K9URS) Science
Amina Zhang (P9PVY) Visual Arts


Katelynn Banks (K9HKL) Mathematics
Katelynn Banks (K9HKL) Health and Physical Education
Isobel Beaumont (W9DSZ) Japanese
Oscar Bogusz (P9PVY) Science
Alice Brickland (P9JLY) English
Maddie Clarke (K9URS) Social Studies
Laken Cooney (A9ENH) Japanese
Mila Dailey (P9PVY) Social Studies
Albertine Drumm (K9WMS) Japanese
Sam Firth (W9AMS) Mathematics
Ktk Ford (P9PVY) Mathematics
Heleana Frankenfeld (P9PVY) Forensics
Ilaria Heckman (W9PAS) Health and Physical Education
Lexa Henson (K9WMS) Media Studies
Jayden Ives (K9WMS) Spanish
Lily Johnson (P9FNN) Digital Technologies
Liam Kilpatrick (W9DSZ) Social Studies
Tamsin Lees (A9KHA) German
Dennis Lin (K9HKL) English
Georgia Mackey (P9FNN) Health and Physical Education
Isla McGregor (K9URS) English
Fraser Mitchell (K9URS) Science
Antonia Novoa (A9ENH) English As A Second Language
Darius Raymond (K9DVS) Mathematics
Junzhi Ren (M9GRT) Health and Physical Education
Violet Rigby (A9KHA) Mathematics
Lucia Sampson (W9DSZ) Mathematics
Dylan Santos (M9MGN) Mathematics
Nandini Sharma (K9URS) Science
Karamu Southon (M9GRT) Business Studies
Jakob Swafford (M9KER) English
Julia Vicini (W9AMS) Japanese
Amy Woolford (K9URS) Digital Technologies


Jack Magee (M9GRT) _Nominated by teacher Michelle Finch_ "Jack has displayed an amazing amount of care, support and empathy towards others. He has had a few messages that have caused distress and his responsiveness to report this has made such a huge difference for another student. The support he offers to others is well beyond his years. In class he always performs to the best of his ability but is always aware of others around him and encourages those less able. I can not speak more highly of Jack and how he has been throughout Term 1."

Kayzel Wijdeveld (M9GRT) _Nominated by teacher aide Alexa Latham_ "Kayzel is always willing to help out her fellow classmates when they need support with their work and shares her answers openly. She demonstrates courage by actively participating in each lesson. She demonstrates responsiveness by asking for feedback and implementing it. She demonstrates excellence by always completing her work, even working on it at home. And Kayzel demonstrates respect by greeting me as she walks through the door and giving her full attention when I deliver instructions. She is funny, smart and an absolute delight. She is more than deserving of this award in my opinion."

Janelle Saili (P9JLY) _Nominated by teacher Anna Jolly_ "Janelle has embraced life in her new school, taking opporunities available to her and trying hard in her subjects. She also has supported others in her class, and stepped up in form class activities such as "Time to Shrine" and designing the House Logo, and applying for Student Council."

Jack Magee (M9GRT)
"The recipient of this award is someone who wears a few hats. They work away quietly in the background but are first to put their hand up to help. Whether it’s on the sports field, or helping a friend or teacher, they are a real representation of what it means to be responsive and show excellence. Their level of maturity, courage and empathy has been mentioned in more than one nomination that was sent in. They are respectful and polite, with a good understanding of what it means to be a leader, not necessarily through their words but with their actions as well. The positivity this person has shown throughout this term and their ambition to be the best person they can be while ensuring that everyone around them is also doing the same is the true meaning behind this award. This person epitomises what Te Angitu Ngātahi means - succeeding together. Congratulations Jack Macgee!" - Year 9 Dean Gabbie Perry.


Mia Ah You (M9MGN) Mathematics, Science
Kenan Allen (M9MGN) English
Micah April (W9PAS) Media Studies
Eshaan Aujla (K9HKL) English
Jayden Bezuidenhout (P9FNN) Japanese
Bea Boyd (P9JLY) English
Harry Brown (M9MGN) Product Design and Manufacturing
Lily-May Brownlee (K9URS) Science
Aashi Chandra (W9AMS) Social Studies
Shaun Chibaya (A9KHA) Mathematics
Ava Clarke (P9PVY) Visual Arts
Scarlett Datson (M9GRT) Science
Evie Dean (K9WMS) English
Remi DeMeulemeester (W9PAS) Japanese
Ahilesh Elankeeran (P9PVY) Japanese
Zoe Gomwe (W9PAS) Social Studies
Melad Hamidi (P9PVY) Mathematics
Jayden Ives (K9WMS) English, Mathematics
Emma Jones (M9GRT) Mathematics
Liam Kilpatrick (W9DSZ) Mathematics
Georgia Mackey P9FNN) Science
Isla McGregor (K9URS) German
Aradia Monks (K9DVS) Science
Jackson Moyle (W9PAS) Health and Physical Education
Ollie Muller (K9URS) Digital Technologies, Science, Social Studies
Florence Murphy (P9FNN) Health and Physical Education
Jibriil Omar (K9WMS) Japanese
Lawrance Osooso (K9DVS) Mathematics
Dhriti Patel (A9ENH) Mathematics
Kate Pryor (W9DSZ) English
Lewis Robinson (P9PVY) Social Studies
Janelle Saili (P9JLY) Fashion and Design
Molly Smith (M9KER) Health and Physical Education
Ava Turner (K9DVS) English
Euniesther Vaurasi (M9GRT) Business Studies
Julia Vicini (W9AMS) Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Science
Lucas Whitehouse (W9PAS) Spanish
Blake Wilkinson (DVS) English


Avisa Asghari (W9DSZ) Social Studies
Nathan Bennett (W9PAS) English
Oscar Bogusz (P9PVY) Mathematics
Harry Brown (M9MGN) Product Design and Manufacturing, Social Studies
Nova Burton (K9URS) Science
Jacey Chung (W9PAS) Media Studies
Lucy Clark (M9MGN) Mathematics
Ava Clarke (P9PVY) Social Studies
Albertine Drumm (K9WMS) Mathematics
Lexi Francis (K9URS) Japanese
Ella Gray (A9KHA) English
Leo Hayward (K9HKL) Science
Austin Imms (P9JLY) Social Studies
Dev Jadeja (K9URS) Science
Jakob Lewis (W9DSZ) Mathematics, Sports Studies
Noah Luki (W9AMS) Japanese
Jack Magee (M9GRT) Health and Physical Education, Leadership in Action
Bronte Marshall (P9JLY) English
Ryan Middleditch (M9MGN) English
Aradia Monks (K9DVS) Health and Physical Education, Mathematics
Ollie Muller (K9URS) English, Health and Physical Education
Joshua O'Sullivan (A9KHA) Mathematics
Kanish Pradeepkumar (W9AMS) Mathematics
Oscar Rigby (K9HKL) Health and Physical Education, Social Studies
Jake Russell (P9JLY) Business Studies
Nandini Sharma (K9URS) Digital Technologies
Sana Shawrikar (K9WMS) Spanish
Pranav Sologar (A9ENH) Food and Nutrition
Tahleka Thompson (M9KER) Japanese
Addi Thompson (W9PAS) Health and Physical Education
Annabella Tietjens (P9JLY) Science
Susanna van Niekerk (W9DSZ) Fashion and Design
Hannah Walton (K9WM) Spanish
Andrew Wang (P9PVY) Spanish
Fruitie Yin (K9WMS) Japanese

Florence Murphy (P9FNN)
Maia Bjornholdt (A9KHA)
Felix Fletcher (K9WMS)
Jakob Lewis (W9DSZ)
Ryan Turner (W9PAS)


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