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YR 12 Term 1 Prizegiving 2024

Exemplary Demonstration of School Values

Awards certificate

YR 12 Term 1 Prizegiving 2024

Friday, 12th April 2024 at 8:31am

Kia pou whirinaki tātou. Kia mahara anō ki te tara iti - To be reliable, consistent and dependable in our pursuit of excellence, and to always be reminded to nurture and care for the little things.

Congratulations to all students who received EXEMPLARY DEMONSTRATION OF SCHOOL VALUES at today's Term 1 Award Assemblies.


Annika Aaron (A12TAF) 02PHY
Jinan Alghueiri (M12KRT) 02ENG, 02PHO
Lyla Atkin (A12TAF) 02JAP
Noele Banicevich (Te Ahi Kā) 02VOC
Chloe Brown (P12HLS) 02BIO, 02TOU
Jasper Catton (M12HOW) 02ENA, 02MED
Gemma Chapman (M12HOW) 02ENG
Braden Clemmett (W12MTN) 02CHE
Hannah Cormack Neto (A12GEO) 02FAN, 02VOC, 02ENA
Olivia Cormack Neto (M12ORR) 02ENA
Liam Dacey (W12GND) 02CAL, 02HIS
Erin Davies (P12DEZ) 02ENA
Izzy Evanson (A12TAF) 02BUS, 02ENG
Maerin Farrington (K12CLM) 02ENA
Lili Finn (M12KRT) 02BUS, 02ECE
Macy Fraser (W12GND) 02MAG
Isaac Gear (P12MSH) 02PEO
Meeri Geerken (P12DEZ) 02HED
Milly Grieve (M12ORR) 02CHE, 02ENA, 02PHY
Theo Guthrie (K12SKI) 02GER
Anthony Harris (M12ORR) 02PED
Leni Hewison (K12TNK) 02ENG
Hari Jayachanthiran (K12CLM) 02ENG
Grace Johnson (K12TNK) 02ECE
Taylah Jones (W12MTN) 02DES, 02ENA, 02PHO
Krisha Karippail (W11BWR) 02HED, 02STA
Ania Kleine Deters (M12ORR) 02PTG
Henry Knight (M12ORR) 02DTP
Sam Korte (P12MSH) 02ENA
Jasmine Laher (A12TAF) 02SCG
Lisa Le (W12GND) 02BIO
Felix Left (P12MSH) 02DES
Penelope Logie (W11BWR) 02MTX
Carlos Lopesi (M12ORR) 02PTG
Hannah Manguna (M12KRT) 02PHO
Cooper Mason (W12GND) 02ENA
Levi Matheson (A12TAF) 02FDS, 02SCG
Cameron Moffat (A12TAF) 02HIS
Muiz Nasir (W12MTN) 02VOC
Alice Nguyen (A12TAF) 02PTG
Malie Pierard (A12TAF) 02STA
Mila Posa (K12TNK) 02ENG
Madilyn Povey (A12TAF) 02CST
Emelia Queenin (P11ELI) 02MTX
Hannah Rajkumar (W12GND) 02BIO, 02PHY
Naomi Rowllings (Te Ahi Kā) 02PTG
Leeda Rudolph (A12TAF) 02TOU
Anya Ryan (M12ORR) 02ARH, 02ENA, 02ESS
Noah Saunders (P12MSH) 02PEO
Kieran Seal (W12GND) 02SPA
Haruka Shikai (P12MSH) 02HED
Madison Shores (M12HOW) 02DIT
Bridget Simpson (P12MSH) 02DES
Hollie Sorensen (K11PAR) 02STA
Ryan Stockley (M12KRT) 02TOU
Summer Unsworth (A12TAF) 02ACC
Tao Yamasaki (M11GUO) 02JAP
Alina Zahs (M12ORR) 02CAL


Helena Abbenhuis-Ash (P12HLS) 02PHY
Kate Ashcroft (P11FIN) 02JAP
Leon Bird (K11WMN) 02MTX
Chloe Brown (P12HLS) 02HIS
Gemma Chapman (M12HOW) 02FAN, 02STA
Olivia Cormack Neto (M12ORR) 02STA
Amara Jacobi-Hawkins (P12HLS) 02ENA
Shay Mackie Nash (M12KRT) 02PTG
Pheonix Meredith (P12HLS) 02MED
Zein Eddin Muflih (K12SKI) 02SCG
Angus Pennie (A12GEO) 02BUS
Cassidy Peters (W11BWR) 02STA
Max Peters (W13HEN) 02TOU
Madilyn Povey (A12TAF) 02ENA
Leeda Rudolph (A12TAF) 02HOS
Maria Sawaya (M12ORR) 02GER
Saskia Shand (M12ORR) 02CHE
Adi Shirlal (W12GND) 02JAP
Madison Shores (M12HOW) 02DTP
Bridget Simpson (P12MSH) 02PHY
Francesca Yallop (K12SKI) 02ENG
Anita Yu (P12MSH) 02CHE


Kate Ashcroft (P11FIN) 02JAP
Noele Banicevich (Te Ahi Kā) 02VOC
Liam Campbell (W12GND) 02PHY
Luke George (A12ENG) 02VOC
Sinan Gharib (P12DEZ) 02PED
Seehan Haider (M12HOW) 02ENA
Grace Johnson (K12TNK) 02ENA
Jacob Kite (Te Ahi Kā) 02ENG
Alana MacDonald (A12TAF) 02MAG
Luke Mayhew (P12MSH) 02PED
Emily McGill (P12MSH) 02BUS
Sora Nagai (A12TAF) 02JAP
Muiz Nasir (W12MTN) 02PED, 02VOC
Cara O'Brien (P12MSH) 02ACC, 02FDS
Tejas Panda (W10FRS) 02MTX
Araya Roots (K12CLM) 02STA
Anya Ryan (M12ORR) 02STA
Haruka Shikai (P12MSH) 02PHY
Cameron Smith (A12ENG) 02ENA
Naite Thompson (A12ENG) 02ENA
Cooper Watson (A12GEO) 02ENG
Francesca Yallop (K12SKI) 02HED


Lyla Atkin (A12TAF) 02JAP
Lauren Barrett-Hamilton (W12GND) 02PHY
Olivia Cormack Neto (M12ORR) 02ESS
Alexander Edmonds (A12GEO) 02ENA
Izzy Evanson (A12TAF) 02PHY
Jed Ferrer (P12DEZ) 02DIT
Hana Gharib (W11BWR 02STA
Milly Grieve (M12ORR) 02STA
Jun Kong (P12HLS) 02BUS
Alix Lawford (W12GND) 02BIO
Callum Lawton (M12ORR) 02ENA
Felix Left (P12MSH) 02PHO
James MacDonald (W12MTN) 02HIS
Tasmin Roberts (W12MTN) 02SPA
Leon Schipper (P12MSH) 02ENA
Jonty Sherson (A12GEO) 02CST
Adi Shirlal (W12GND) 02JAP
Alex Suddens (W12MTN) 02ENA
Lydia Vogel (M12HOW) 02HOS
Helena Zeman (P12MSH) 02DES
Kouki Zhang (W12GND) 02PHY


Felix Shaw (M12HOW) _Nominated by Careers Administrators Fiona Drummond, and Amber Margan_ "Felix is an exceptional individual who has taken up a funding cause for the deaf community and is receiving huge support and multiple opportunities in the political and health sectors. He is spending an average of 2 hours a day on furthering this campaign and has a lot of media attention."

Noah Saunders (P12MSH) _Nominated by teacher Barbara Brewer_ "Noah plays in the Prem Boys Volleyball team. He is also support coach for this team and steps in if the coach is unable to attend training. He is the Team Captain.He also helps with the Boys Sen A team as well. Noah is first Ref for all of our games. He supports the rest of the team to learn to second Ref and learn the bench. duties. He also is First Ref for the Girls team. He demonstrates all of the values of our School. He has put in countless hours to our School volleyball program and always supports others."

Jacob Kite (Te Ahi Kā) _Nominated by teacher Anna Jolly_ "Jacob always steps up to help even without being asked, uses his initaitive to get things done. For example he completed all work before he went away on the Spirit of adventure."

Amaria Williams (Te Ahi Kā) _Nominated by teacher Anna Jolly_ "Always helping and supporting others whilst excelling at school and in Academic results."

Felix Shaw (M12HOW)

Luke George (A12ENG)
Tharusha Rupasinghe (A12ENG)
Kaea Wright (A12ENG)
Hannah Cormack Neto (A12GEO)
Riaa Jasuja (K12BAR)
Ari Holt (M12HOW)
Samir Bharat (P12DEZ)
James Parsons (P12HLS)
Amelie Park (W12GND)
Christopher Byers-Evitt (W12MTN)


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