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REMINDER: Away For The Day

Friday, 23rd February 2024 at 7:40am

New phone rules for 2024 - EXPECTATIONS

As you know, we have implemented the Government regulations which require that phones and phone accessories are ‘away for the day’ and students do not use or access a phone while they are attending school, including during lunchtime and breaks. This includes students who are on a school course or visit outside the school grounds.

The first four weeks of term gave both students and staff an opportunity to get used to the new regulations and, so far, most students have responded really well. There has definitely been a change at break and lunchtimes with far more students out on the field playing, taking part in lunchtime clubs, or just chatting with friends. At the beginning of term, we outlined what the expectations were at GBHS and what would happen if students were seen using phones. The information below is a reminder of the expectations and the process we will follow from week six. Please get in touch if there is anything you are concerned or worried about.


  • If a student chooses to bring a phone to school it must be switched off and in their bag when the bell rings for the start of period 1 till students leave the classroom at the end of period 5.
  • If phones are brought to school, they must be kept in a student’s own school bag. It is important to note that if students do make the decision to bring a phone onto the school grounds, they do so at their own risk. The school is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to any phone.
  • If phone accessories including air buds, airpods and headphones are brought to school, they must also remain in bags throughout the school day. Phones should not be connected to smartwatches.
  • Any student with an exemption will be issued a pass through Deputy Principal Sandy Begg, this will be recorded on KAMAR and the student will have a physical pass.

From week 6 onwards:

  1. Student sent to the Dean’s corridor with an orange major incident referral slip or brought to student services if outside of class time
  2. Phone/phone accessories confiscated by Deans /DP only and stored in a locked cabinet. Students then return to class
  3. Students can come and collect their phone/phone accessories after the bell rings at 3.15pm from the Dean or DP on duty in the Dean’s corridor. Students cannot leave class early to get their phones. Senior students leaving school on a Wednesday at 1.30pm can collect their phone then, but the phone must remain in their bag until they leave the school grounds.
  4. Whānau will receive an email or phone call from their child’s Dean to let them know that the phone was confiscated.
  5. If there are ongoing issues with phone use, the matter will be escalated and we will follow the usual school behaviour expectation process.


What happens if a caregiver needs to contact their child? Caregivers can contact the school office in the event of an emergency and need to speak immediately to their child. Alternatively students will have access to their mobile phones at 3:15pm.

What happens if a student needs to contact their caregiver? If there is an urgent need for a student to speak with a caregiver they can discuss with the dean on SSP or SLT.

What if a student can’t collect a mobile phone at 3:15pm due to a commitment? Students should speak with their dean or SLT if they have had their phone confiscated and cannot collect at 3:15pm. Alternative arrangements may be made for caregivers to collect if necessary.

How long will a mobile phone be confiscated for? In the event a mobile phone necessitates confiscation, this will be returned at the end of the school day or by negotiation with a caregiver. Students will not leave class early from class to collect their phones

What happens on a Wednesday when senior students finish early? All students will need to have their phones away while they are at school from the beginning of period 1 till they leave the classroom at the end of period 5. This includes senior students who finish timetabled classes early on Wednesday but are staying on the school site until the end of the school day at 3.15pm. Senior students who leave school earlier than 3.15pm will need to leave the school site before they can use their phones. Phones are also away for the day on school courses, trips or visits outside the classroom.

What happens if students are using a smartwatch which is connected to their phones? Smartwatches should not be connected to phones during the school day. If students are messaging on watches in the same way that they are on phones, then we will follow the same process as for phones from week 6.

Ngā mihi nui, Fiona Barker PRINCIPAL


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