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Rarotonga Trip

Friday, 12th April 2024 at 10:30am

Haere pai atu, hoki pai mai - Travel safe!

Green Bay High School's Te Ahi Kā form class are about to leave the wind and rain of Aotearoa, for the Rarotonga sunshine!

As part of a cultural exchange (18 - 24 April 2024) students will be learning about the similarities and differences in our reo, including the history of Ngāi Māori and connections they have with Rarotonga.

Part of their itinerary includes a Safari tour, visiting Te Ara Museum - to learn about the vaka voyage and completing a history walk of the island. As well as Te Vara Nui, experiencing the local talent (dance and song) of the island. Koka Lagoon Cruise -swimming with tropical fish and eels, snorkelling with turtles, and visiting local food and craft markets.

This opportunity will be an enriching and transformative experience for our tauira providing valuable educational, cultural and personal growth opportunities.

Te Ahi Kā is a vertical form class, from Years 10-13. As well as providing students with the same support and connection as other form classes, Te Ahi Kā focusses on developing knowledge and understanding of te ao Māori. Members of Te Ahi Kā are encouraged to join kapa haka and attend whānau hui and other events.

Te Ahi Kā provides:

  • Daily practice of tikanga Māori in all form time sessions
  • Te ao Māori promoted in all aspects of form time
  • Academic coaching of students
  • Teachings of waiata, karakia and haka during form time
  • Tuakana-teina relationships within the classroom to support academic and social development

He aha tēnei mea Te Ahi Kā? Ahi kā is a reference to the fire that one must keep burning on their whenua, as a symbol or sign of their occupation of that whenua. Ahi kā is a metaphor too for the home people of the pā, who keep the home fires burning. The word 'kā' means to burn, kāinga which means home, derives from the kupu 'kā' - so another rendering of kāinga means 'where the fire burns' - where the ahi kā burns

Nō reira, the ahi kā of the pā keep the ahi burning so when you come home, you feel the warmth of the ahi, the warmth of our whare.

Pictured above: Te Ahi Kā treated us to a glimpse of their talents, during today's Award Assemblies.

Ko te pae tata, whakamaua, kia tīnā, Ko te pae tawhiti, whaia, kia tata - Secure the horizons that are close to hand and pursue the more distant horizons.


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