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Felix Shaw (Yr 12)

Felix Shaw

Parliament Petition

Thursday, 22nd February 2024 at 8:11am

Making a Difference:

What started as a classroom assignment for Felix Shaw (Year 12) has now grown in interest, spreading across the nation, raising awareness of the hearing-impaired plight to have the cost of hearing aid batteries fully funded for adults.

After delivering a poignant speech to his class last year, Felix was encouraged by his English teacher, Theresa Stucki, to think about taking his points of view further, to raise awareness and help improve the lives of many!

Speaking from his own life experiences - having to go through several hearing aid devices to find the right fit, and the cost of day-to-day battery changes that enable him to hear, Felix is determined to go before Parliament with a petition to have the cost of hearing aid batteries fully funded for adults. Hearing aid batteries are an essential item which needs to be changed daily. Presently Felix’s batteries are funded by the government, however, time is running out! When Felix reaches the age of 18 the funding for his Osia Cochlear implant batteries will cease and Felix will need to cover the cost! Felix has done the math – which works out at approximately $400 a year.

The petition is still at the signature gathering stage (with nearly 2000 signatures already). Felix hopes to raise as much interest and signatures as possible before taking his petition to Parliament.

“The bigger, the better!” says Felix.

Felix is a confident and determined young man who is passionate about making a difference. As a young child, Felix has always had a job within the Construction industry in mind. However, the support and encouragement he has received to get his Petition before Parliament has opened new pathways.

Who knows, we might even see Felix campaigning for a position in parliament!

If you would like more information, please click on the following link to read Felix's speech, and sign the petition:

Felix has also been interviewed by the NZ Herald – click HERE to read all about it!


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