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Otago Jnr Maths Comp

Round 1

otago jnr maths comp

Otago Jnr Maths Comp

Friday, 12th April 2024 at 7:30am

Mathematical Minds:

Students in Years 9 to 11 across the motu participated in the first round of the Otago Junior Maths competition earlier this week. The competition lasted for nearly 2 hours (50 minutes per part). With an emphasis on problem-solving. While mathematical skills are important during exam pressure, so is the skill of careful reading, therefore students were encouraged to read, think, process and act in a timely manner!

At each level there will be a first prize of $300, a second prize of $250, a third prize of $200, and 27 outstanding awards of $50. Certificates are also awarded for Top 100 and Top 200 placings. In addition, Certificates of Distinction will be awarded to approximately the top 15% of students at each level, and Certificates of Merit will be awarded to approximately the top 50% of students at each level.

Well done to the following GBHS students who took part with the following results (GBHS ranking shown below):

  • Ryan Lott (Year 10) 1st place
  • Jibriil Omar (Year 9) 2nd place
  • Juliette Colquhoun (Year 10) 3rd Place
  • Michael Zuo (Year 10)
  • Yi Nuo (Year 9)
  • Noah Schipper (Year 10)
  • Vidusha Jayasinghe (Year 10)
  • Emma Goldstone (Year 10)
  • Sheehan Peris (Year 9)
  • Cameron Seal (Year 10)
  • Henry Klimetz (Year 9)
  • Bee Smith (Year 10)
  • Rafa Edwards-Pascual (Year 10)
  • Caed McIver (Year 10)
  • Lewis Robinson (Year 9)
  • Howard Ko (Year 10)
  • Kaleb Sobieszczuk-Strickland (Year 10)
  • Ethan McCalman (Year 9)
  • Sofia Maulvurfs (Year 9)
  • Fruitie Yin (Year 9)
  • Jason David (Year 10)


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